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At Kardan, we have many years of experience in developing tax-wise and cost-efficient ways of achieving your retirement goals for small business owners, while at the same time having the expertise to consult to larger employers and Multi-employer Funds in dealing with complex funding rules and onerous disclosure mandates.

Careful plan design using all the tools available and attention to the many rules and regulations is our goal.

For many years, a 401(k) plan or profit sharing plan by itself was considered sufficient to provide for a comfortable retirement, as plan balances grew at record rates. Today, in most cases, this is no longer sufficient. We have been adding new cash balance pension plans to many firms’ existing or new 401(k) and profit sharing plans with very favorable results.

If you are a TPA, and you find it impractical for you to retain a full-time actuary on staff, we are here to help you fill in the gaps. We can work with you to provide the needed services, such as proposals at no charge, cash balance plan design and administration, complex nondiscrimination testing, plan documents, etc. at a reasonable cost to you. You get to retain a client you may otherwise have lost, and you would continue to provide those services to your client that you do best.

We also perform ASC (Formerly FAS) services, including FAS 106, for TPAs or actuaries whose expertise lies in other areas.

Actuarial and administrative services is all we do. We do not provide investment services or sell any products, and we are happy to work with your existing professionals. In fact, it is though these new relationships that a majority of our new client referrals come.

At Kardan, we provide large firm expertise and capability in a small firm atmosphere allowing for the personal touch and a reasonable cost for our clients.  


Kardan provides a wide range of professional actuarial and administrative services for our single employer and multi-employer clients.

Kardan Acturial Services offers a wide range of professional services for both
Single Employer and Multi-Employer Clients.

• Sole Proprietor

• Partnerships

• Limited Liability

• Corporations

• Multi-employer Funds

• Government Entities

• Controlled/Affiliated Service Groups 

  • Cash Balance Pension Plans (and other Hybrid Plans)

  • Single Employer Traditional Defined Benefit Plans

  • Multi-employer Defined Benefit Plans

  • Single Employer Collectively Bargained Defined Benefit Plans

  • Government Defined Benefit Plans

  • 401(k) Plans

  • Profit Sharing (Traditional, New Comparability)

  • Money Purchase Plans

  • Post-Retirement Medical and Other Benefits
  • • Plan and Design

    • Full Valuations and Benefit Statements

    • Preparation of Annual Reports for ASC for Pension Plans

    • Preparation of Annual Reports for ASC for Health and Welfare Funds

    • Peer Review Services for Other Actuarial Firms and CPAs (Auditors)

    • Programming Services for Special Actuarial Projects

    • Form 5500 Preparation (Electronic Filing Required)

    • Schedule SB Certification (Only for Valuations Performed by Kardan)

    • AFTAP Certification

    • Nondiscrimination Testing (ADP/ACP, Cross Testing (New Comparabilty), DB/DC Combo, Cash Balance)

    • PBGC Comprehensive Premium Filing (Electronic Filing Required)

    • PBGC Annual Funding Notice

    • PBGC – Other Required Plan Filings

    • Plan Document Drafting (All Plan Types, including Summary Plan Descriptions)

    • Plan Document Submission for Favorable Determination Letter

    • SS-4 Application for Trust ID Number

    • Plan Amendments (Including Periodic Interim Amendments)

    • Benefit Calculations with Distribution Forms

    • QDRO Calculations/Review

    • Individual Plan Participant Benefit Calculations/Review for Non-Client Plans

    • Loan Documentation and Tracking

    • Required Minimum Distribution Calculations/Consulting

    • Funding Zone Certifications (Multi-employer Plans)

    • Funding Improvement Plan/Rehabilitation Plan Formulation (Multi-employer Plans)

    • Withdrawal Liability Calculations – Performance or Review (Multi-employer Plans

    • Preparation / Review of Various Required Participant Notices

    • Plan Terminations (IRS and/or PBGC Submissions as required) 

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    Kardan Actuarial Services, LLC

    As retirement plan actuaries and consultants, Kardan is committed to providing our clients with responsible, timely and efficient service. We believe in a flexible and innovative approach to retirement plan design while maintaining simplicity and cost effectiveness wherever possible. We also believe in developing a close working relationship with clients, so they feel comfortable in calling whenever a question or concern arises and so we can best understand their individual needs.

    With the constant changes in laws and regulations pertaining to retirement plans, and the changing circumstances in our clients’ businesses, we believe that it is essential for the retirement plan professional to continuously monitor all retirement plans to ensure that they continue to meet those needs. It is important that our clients enjoy dealing with us. As we are a small firm, you can be assured that you will speak to a familiar voice whenever you call—someone who knows your plan and can quickly offer the concrete answers you need.

    We have considerable experience with all types of plans. We are one of the few small firms with expertise in both single employer and multiemployer pension plans. With our experience and knowledge in computer programming, we can quickly customize or create software to handle many complex and unusual tasks.

    Dan is a highly credentialed and experienced pension consultant and actuary. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a Fellow of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, a Member of the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries, and an Enrolled Actuary(EA).

    With over 30 years’ experience in benefit plan design and administration, Dan offers a wealth of insight based on hands-on experience. Prior to starting Kardan, he worked as a consultant for a major New York actuarial firm, and as vice president and part-owner of a mid-sized New Jersey actuarial consultancy. He has also helped develop popular financial planning software that has been marketed to the public. Dan has the actuarial expertise necessary to consult with very large clients, yet has the insight from running his own business and from many years of consulting to small, closely-held businesses that is necessary to best serve all our clients’ varied needs.

    After writing questions for several years for the Enrolled Actuaries Exams, Dan served as Vice Chairman and then Chairman for the Enrolled Actuaries Exam Committee, and spent six years as a member of the Advisory Committee to the Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries. He has spoken on pension related topics at various professional continuing education meetings for accountants and other professionals. Dan has also provided actuarial and consulting services to Health and Welfare Funds and serves as Actuary to the Firm’s multi-employer pension fund clients. As a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, Dan has the expertise to prepare reports for compliance with ASC (Formerly FAS) as well as other special situations. With his varied experience, he provides many of these specialized services to TPA firms and other actuarial firms where these services are required but the firm is unable to provide the depth needed for expertise in all these areas.

    Dan graduated from Rutgers College in New Brunswick as a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, the national honorary mathematics fraternity.


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